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On May 24, he sent a four word message over 40 miles of wire, from Washington to Baltimore, where his associate Alfred Vail received it and sent it back. The Old Testament verse Morse chose for the occasion, Hath God Wrought, was fittingly dramatic. The electric telegraph was the first device to effectively separate communication from transportation, enabling information to travel instantly over space and catapulting America into the era of telecommunication.

It is fairly well documented that young men taking up boxing are at the mercy of their managers and promoters who take most of the money to be made and they end up with very little. Wacquant has considered this in some detail and indeed likens boxing to prostitution, and idndeed Wacquant draws direct comparisons and likens boxing managers and promoters relations with boxers, as pimps and prostitutes. However, exploitation is not quite as clear cut as it initially might seem and other than at the top end of the sport, not much money can be made from boxing for either the boxer or the manager/promoter.

Extensive experience and expertise Stefan demonstrated during our flawless, stress free, transition of buying our home were exceptional. We have sold and purchased many homes, and we were very impressed with Stefan’s professionalism and attention to detail. We experienced very little stress as we knew everything was taken care of due to Stefan’s due diligence..

That’s why renovating these two land marks is so important.” there is no major damage done to them. The city just wants to update the buildings like the restroom facilites. Little projects that add up to have it continue being a community staple. We are also deeply moved by the tributes from “Mr Bicester’s” customers, and by his Newsquest family, lead by the highly respected Shane. These sentiments help us through this terrible time. Sufficient to say that despite our shockwaves, did a magnificent job, to Martin at the Ex’s and to the Piggy Squire Pig Roast Company, all of whom contributed to the completion of our tribute to this wonderful man.

The Polar Prince has been making its way northward along the Labrador Coast visiting communities and places of interest. It is interesting to access the live camera feed to observe the coastline:While daytime propagation at this time is limited, the CG3EXP beacon receptions are being uploaded by the receiving stations at a rate of up to 800 in a 12 hour period. Some of these stations have requested QSL cards and TCA columnist Robert Mazur, VA3ROM, has volunteered to be the CG3EXP eQSL Manager.

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