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Mysql Data Manager
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Mysql Data Manager
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This Perl script provides multiple features integrated into a single program, such as Backup and Restore facility, Import data into MySQL table and Export data from tables and search results to CSV files of any format. Mysql Data Manager allows easily search and modify data in spreadsheet, create new or Alter existing tables in seconds. Using MySQL Administration functions you can manage MySQL user accounts or create new users via advanced user friendly interface. SQL editor will help you to create and save, run and modify SQL scripts. Plus much more.

It provides a complete set of high-level and low-level capabilities. High-level functions allow you to accomplish a lot with a single mouse click while low-level functions let you do precisely what you want with MySQL database.
You get a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of almost any Mysql web application. Read More...


Site Master
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Site Master is a platform independent file manager, which provides control over directories and files on your web host using just a web browser via an intuitive and user friendly interface. It can help you to organize and control your web site directories with no need to use FTP or Telnet clients. Site Master is very easy to install and use.

Using an admin interface, it can be set up to operate in a multiuser environment, giving each user limited access to their own directory tree while a privileged user can have an access to any directory.

Site Master provides you with such functions as archive/unarchive files, upload/download, edit and create new files, shell access, ... Read more







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